Should exam be abolished…

 Examinations are considered so important that most students are afraid of them.

What say you???

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24 Responses to Should exam be abolished…

  1. darren2m says:

    For me , there’s 2 answers .

    A) Yes,because it makes us having a major stress for studying . That’s no good ~

    B) No , if there’s no test , we’re gonna become a left-out teenagers in future . Without test , everything will FAIL

  2. Jasmine says:

    well,exams should not be abolished simply because PMR helps the students improve on their respective subjects.Although they can buy their own reference books,but,most students are just lazy to open the book to study and do work.So,its better if the exams arent abolished,so that the students will study more and not wait on the last minute to study.Also,the results in PMR makes a student to strive harder for a better result if they get a bad or good result.It increases a students confidence to do better!Thats why,exams should not be abolished.

  3. winning2m says:

    In my opinion, we should not abolish exams. If we do, then why do we go to school in the first place? We go to school to study. We should have exams because it tests the students on how much they learnt in school. In some cases, exams also helps the students to improve their marks and give them a wake-up call to study. If exams were to be abolish, we would be left out and just merely going to school for the sake of studying. In conclusion, I’m against to the statement “Should exams be abolish?”

  4. syahmi2m says:

    Exam’s are important for a student,if there is no exam the students will be not studying and read books…

    • kusha2m says:

      i agree with u … because … most of the students r very naughty and if no exam the parents is going to be more mad ………and i am very they cannot control their children

  5. uzeir2m says:

    Exam should not be abolished. It is because that exams help us improve ourselves in the future. Everything that we do in the past will go into the future. So, If we are not successfull in exams, there’s a chance of us fail in the future. 🙂

  6. these are my answers
    1)student will be happy
    2)parents will be happy because no stress
    3)some teachers will be happy
    1)tutors will not be happy

  7. Ye3 menG(2M) says:

    err…i think that it should be abolished…because when we got exam..we’ll get stress more and more day by day..but if we abolished..the student will think that they no need to study because dun have exam anymore…so..i dunno whether it should or no..

  8. yongmingxuan says:

    Exams should NOT be abolished beacuse it helps us to test our skills in the exam which is for the future time…without exam every one of us might fail..if we fail most of the things we might be NOT sucessful that easily.. thats why my reason to NOT abilosh exams.

  9. manikanda2m says:

    My opinion is, we should not abolish exam.Because every exam that we take shows our status of knowledge and education.

  10. kathee2m says:

    Exam is important for student ,if exam abolish have student won’t study.

  11. thanushan2m says:

    we should have EXAM because we have learned form1 n almost all tha form2 subjects

  12. In my opinion, exams should be abolished because in that way it will reduce the stress that students go in school . Futhermore, students will enjoy coming to school in that way because they will be able to enjoy the outdoor activities and also indoor activities …

  13. johan2m says:

    Name: Johan Ashraaf

  14. Venetta DeVi says:

    I think exams should not be abolish.I mean common sense la… um….. If we do not sit for exams…our life is going down the drain…. and besides, our teenage generation now is actually useless….
    Take an example,
    let’s say you are sitting for your PMR examination now….and you fail a few subjects…well thats okay because you know you have time to upgarde your studying levels….
    Lets say u dun have PMR and you have SPM, if you fail your MOST IMPORTNANT

    • Venetta DeVi says:

      Sorry for the technical problem…..
      as i was saying….. Lets say u dun have PMR but u have SPM…. and lets say u fail your MOST IMPORTANT subjects….u cant be saying i got time to upgrade your studying levels… i mean that is Insane……..
      So i think it is a bad thing to abolish exams….

  15. Nur Aida Rasyidah says:

    I think, exam’s should not be abolished because exam’s are actually testing us whether we have truly understand what we have learned from the past. Also, exam’s are also one of the important things that secures our future. Exam’s are also preparing us for life. Did anyone notice, science surrounds us? And maths can be used in our daily lives. Besides, our generation now is lazy to work nor study. They shouldn’t be that way. If we do not study, how can we work and have a decent life? Or would you rather be sleeping by the roadside, being homeless. So do you see why exam’s cannot be abolished? Because without it, can we guarentee our future? Of course not. So I agree 100% with Jasmine. 🙂
    Don’t abolish exam’s please!!!!! 😀
    Aida Rasyidah of 2 Mesra…..

  16. gaby2m says:

    i think exams should abolished cause can encorauged the students to study

  17. wan hakim says:

    lol.i think it should be abolished because what is the point if you want to be a chef.but then,you have to take chemistry,biology and what so ever.abolished je la.

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